Two-Day Event | July 17 & 18
Las Vegas, Nevada

The 2019 Water and Wastewater Software Conference will bring together key water and wastewater stakeholders from more than 30 utilities across the country to focus on how industrial automation software is driving digital transformation within the industry.

This two-day event will bring together senior utility managers, consultants, and proven technology leaders to share how they are leveraging data to optimize their water and wastewater services.

The conference will provide a unique opportunity to share best practices with like-minded utility executives, analysts, and consultants, as well as discuss current business trends and industry challenges.


When & Where

July 17-18, 2019

Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa
1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway
Henderson, Nevada 89011


Share Best Practices with Industry Peers and Hear from Water and Wastewater Utility Stakeholders about how they are Driving Digital Transformation within the Industry.
Experience a unique opportunity to tour a state of the art water reclamation facility that serves the entire City of Las Vegas (with the exception of the strip). Visit the new control center to see how operations increased effectiveness by utilizing contextual information and Situational Awareness visualization methods that turn data into actionable intelligence.
Join us for at our technology expo to see demonstrations of the latest software technologies from Wonderware by AVEVA and Third-Party Partner Solutions. Meet with product managers, solution experts, implementation and engineering consulting partners to gain early insights into current and future innovations that are leading the water utility industry into the digital world.

Why Attend

  • Hear Success Stories directly from Water and Wastewater Utilities
  • Tour a Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Share Best Practices with Industry Peers
  • Technology Expo featuring Wonderware by AVEVA and Third-Party Partner Solutions
  • Earn Professional Development Hours
  • Live Demonstrations at the Technology Expo
  • Network with Industry Experts
  • Discuss & Discover How to Solve Today’s Industry Challenges



  • Breakfast + Networking + Expo
  • Welcome
  • General Sessions
  • Expo + Networking
  • Lunch
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Expo + Networking Happy Hour



  • Breakfast + Networking + Expo
  • Welcome
  • General Sessions
  • Expo + Networking
  • Lunch
  • City of Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility Tour

Keynote Speaker

Keynote: Technology and Innovation Trends in the Water and Wastewater Industry
This session will explain the most relevant trends in the water/wastewater digital transformation environment and the technologies that are reshaping the way companies all over the world provide their services.

Speaker Bio for Manual Parra
Water/Wastewater Business Development, Wonderware powered by AVEVA
During his 14 years in the water industry, Manuel has participated in numerous digital transformation projects worldwide. He has also authored numerous articles, whitepapers, and presentations on smart water topics. Manuel is a co-founder and council member of SWAN, the largest smart water organization worldwide.

Speakers & Session Topics

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from senior utility managers, consultants, and proven technology leaders as they share how they are leveraging technology to optimize their water and wastewater services.

Check often as we add new speakers and session topics to our agenda


Benefits of Integrating SNMP Radio Network Monitoring with SCADA
The importance of monitoring the state of a radio within a radio telemetry unit (RTU) is high. Each RTU radio conveys both control and indication information. We employ groups of RTUs in a radio network to manage remote pump stations operating throughout the County. The loss of a radio impairs both the ability to monitor and control one or an entire group of pump stations.

Typically, RTU condition monitoring is performed by a completely separate system. This session details how Pima County Regional Wastewater integrated SNMP radio network monitoring within our existing System Platform HMI application. This particular application was AVEVA’s 2018 Innovation Award winner.

Speaker Bio for Lawrence Sawicki, P.E. 
Process Control Engineer, Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department in Tucson, AZ
Larry has over 30 years of instrumentation and controls experience in the fields of primary metals processing and wastewater controls design. Mr. Sawicki is a registered control systems engineer in the State of Arizona.


Sam Vandivort

Monitoring Your SCADA System Like You Monitor Your Process
A significant amount of time, money and effort is spent to monitor the health of devices in the plant. All of these assist operations in reducing unplanned downtime, prioritizing maintenance and maintaining efficiency standards. It is rare that the same level of effort goes into the monitoring of the SCADA system. The City of Henderson has chosen to use an extensive array of automated systems to monitor the health of its SCADA system. This session explains how the City of Henderson has implemented its SCADA monitoring and the benefits gained from that effort.

Speaker Bio for Sam Vandivort
SCADA Manager – Department of Utility Services, City of Henderson in Nevada
Sam has 35 years of industry experience and has held a broad range of roles including; software developer for a control system manufacturer, application engineer, and principal responsible for systems integration business at an engineering firm. Since 2010, he has been the SCADA Manager for the City of Henderson, NV who recently finished a $20 million project that replaced the hardware and software of the entire control system for the Utility. As the SCADA Manager, Mr. Vandivort leads a team that is responsible for the new Wonderware SCADA system, the citywide network, and the development of new PLC programming in the dynamic environment of a city experiencing a growth boom.

Cecelia Adair

Leveraging Your CMMS to Gain Asset Management Value
Using a maintenance management system can feel like feeding a monster with a voracious appetite. It’s easy to back away from using it well if you don’t see the return on your time investment. Water and wastewater equipment and facilities have extensive lives, the maintenance cost of which can significantly affect the financial position of your utility today and long into the future. Your maintenance management system is the key to knowing objective, useful information. This session will describe the valuable information LVVWD receives from their maintenance management system, which supports short and long term data that has improved our system management capabilities over the years.

Speaker Bio for Cecelia Adair
Senior Operations Research Analyst, Las Vegas Valley Water District
Cecelia Adair has worked in water operations of her company for twenty-six years. She has been responsible for managing the implementation of the maintenance functions in Avantis and continues to support the maintenance divisions’ use of Avantis. Cecelia is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional, CMRP, awarded by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and holds a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Boston University. Her current role is focused on asset monitoring and rehabilitation planning to improve business strategic planning.

Brad Callihan

How a Water Utility is Using IIoT to Integrate Stranded Data from Remote Assets
With the continued buzz around IIoT many utilities are asking questions about greater connectivity in the Water/Wastewater sector. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of real-world examples for end-users to understand the possibilities and the hurdles of greater connectivity with new protocols. In this session, we’ll discuss what LVVWD has done using the MQTT protocol, gateway devices, AWS, and SCADA to integrate legacy devices that were largely stranded data points with little connectivity.

Speaker Bio for Brad Callihan
Senior Process Control Systems Engineer, Las Vegas Valley Water District
Brad leads a team of engineers and analysts responsible for managing and maintaining the SCADA and Process Control Systems for both Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada Water Authority. He has been in the industry for 16 years and has previously worked as a consultant for other utilities in the areas of SCADA and process control. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UNLV and is a registered Professional Engineer (Control Systems) in multiple states.



Expo Participants


The 2019 Water and Wastewater Software Conference will include a technology expo where attendees will have the opportunity to view live demonstrations and meet product experts from Wonderware by AVEVA and Third-Party Partner Solutions. The following participants will be attending the conference:


System Platform 2017, Historian and InTouch Operations Management Interface (OMI)
See a live demonstration of System Platform 2017 and how the many innovative enhancements of InTouch OMI 2017 deliver truly transformational value to the user experience and greatly improves operator effectiveness.
Asset Performance Management Solutions and Predictive Analytics
Learn how to improve your approach to maintaining plant equipment by feeding real-time operating data from pumps, motors and other assets connected to SCADA through integration with Maximo and other CMMS packages. For critical and high valued assets, learn how the AVEVA predictive analytics solution can provide early warning to avoid catastrophic failure. If you are looking for a new CMMS, this is the place to check out our powerful Avantis Enterprise Asset Management solution.
Real-time Dashboards and Data Analytics
Learn how you to turn your industrial data into powerful insights that are accessible anywhere, anytime. Insight powered by Wonderware Online is a secure, managed cloud-based solution for collecting, storing, visualizing, and analyzing industrial data for faster, smarter business decisions. This station will also show how Wonderware Intelligence integrates information from multiple database sources such as your historian, LIMS, CMMS and energy data and puts this data into context so that users can view dashboards to perform analytics to implement an ongoing continuous process improvement program.
Mobile Operator Rounds for Managing Stranded Assets
See how operations and maintenance can work as a team using standard smart device technology to digitize manually collected data and information on paper-based clipboards to achieve a more reliability-centered approach to maintain assets not connected to SCADA. Our IntelaTrac Mobile Operator Rounds smart handhelds can also digitize inspection rounds, access SOPS and automatically generate work orders into your CMMS.
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Wonderware Industrial Computers
In addition to being a world leader in HMI SCADA software, Wonderware also offers a broad range of industrial touch screen HMI displays and Box PCs for harsh environments on the plant floor or remote stations in the field. Attendees will have hands-on experience and learn more about the physical form factor that simplifies maintenance and provides a common HMI development platform from a local machine HMI to the SCADA control room.
Water Distribution System Network Optimization
Learn how Wonderware Aquis can help optimize water distribution networks by enhancing your SCADA with predictive capabilities. With Aquis, system operators can, in real time, anticipate unforeseen events and minimize their impact on the user community, saving hours or even days. See a demo of how the Aquis graphical mapping of the water system helps operators to dynamically to adjust for disruptions such as power outages, water quality issues and to improve pressure management, reduce water age and water losses.
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InTouch Edge HMI for Cost effective Local Panels for the Plant floor or Remote Stations
Formerly called Intouch Machine Edition, Intouch Edge is our scalable and IIoT-ready HMI that is the perfect complement for customers who already own Wonderware System Platform or Historian. It can deploy and run on small panel PCs with Windows embedded platforms with displays down 5” and supports remote HMI access on smartphones and tablets without any client installations. It communicates with over 250 plant floor devices and is an ideal OIT for PLC panels.
Customer FIRST, Software Asset Management (SAM) and Sentinel Support Programs
Do you have a Customer FIRST agreement or want to learn more about how to get one? Visit the Sentinel & SAM table to learn about all the new tools that add value to your Customer FIRST membership. View a demo of Sentinel, a software application for monitoring your Wonderware systems to keep them running optimally and learn more about Software Asset Manager, which allows you to keep track of all your installed Wonderware software and licenses easily and report quickly as needed.
Citect SCADA 2018
As our reliable, flexible and high-performance Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software solution for industrial process customers, the latest release of Citect SCADA will be on display for Citect SCADA users. Talk with Citect product experts and see how it is now fully integrated with the powerful Wonderware process historian, which allows users to leverage the AVEVA asset performance management solutions portfolio.
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MDT AutoSave Change Management Software for Wonderware and all major PLC Controllers
For 30 years MDT Software has provided global industry leaders with advanced change management and version control solutions for automated manufacturing assets. MDT's AutoSave for System Platform product (A4SP) fully integrates with Wonderware System Platform to provide change management for Galaxy objects, including graphics, templates, and instances. A4SP is built upon MDT’s flagship product, AutoSave. AutoSave empowers users to protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes in the most comprehensive range of devices and editors in the industry from AVEVA, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Mitsubishi, GE, Rockwell Automation and many others.
Dream Reports by Ocean Data Systems
Learn how report generation can be made easier than ever. Dream Report is a configurable reporting and analysis tool designed for process reporting applications and is tightly integrated with Wonderware Historian and 3rd party data sources to allow users to quickly create professional reports for internal use or regulatory agencies, as well as automatically generate, print, email and deliver reports through any web browser.
Industrial Video Surveillance and Control by Longwatch
Video Solutions for SCADA - Longwatch is the premier industrial video management solution that provides real-time video integration from a remote site or local IP-based PTZ cameras with your existing Wonderware SCADA system. Automatically link and integrate real-time plant video with your process historian to help improve plant efficiency, regulatory compliance, and operations productivity. See the latest from IV&C/Longwatch including the new Radiometric Thermal Camera with a built-in OPC server.
Remote Alarm Notification by Win 911
The new WIN-911 series of products provides advances in reliability, security, and flexibility in a complete 24/7 run-time alarm notification system. WIN-911 delivers a powerful suite of alarm escalation tools and notification methods including voice, SMS, smartphone apps, and email. View demos of the new direct-connects to Wonderware InTouch and System Platform.
Fault-Tolerant Hardware Platform by Stratus Technologies
Stratus takes the complexity out of keeping business-critical applications running 24/7. Our technologies proactively prevent instances of unplanned downtime both in the data center and at the edge, and our services ensure any issues are addressed before customers need to. Global Fortune 500 companies and small-medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries across the globe have been relying on Stratus for operationally simple, continuous availability for more than 35 years.