Why Systems Integrators Partner With Wonderware

The Wonderware SI Partner Programs recognize participants by their level of experience and certifications with Wonderware products, delivery capabilities and industry-related expertise. In addition, SI partner organizations have access to a robust methodology to nurture the skills and expertise of employees that provides a competitive edge in delivering successful projects and retaining high-quality employees. Our goal is to provide our mutual customers with expertise close at hand, no matter where they are in the world.


Platform to Engage

The purpose of the Wonderware Partner Programs is to attract, support and retain skilled System Integrator (SI) partners to deliver highly efficient solutions to end-users, utilizing the market-leading Wonderware software solutions.


The Wonderware Certification Competency Program provides validation of our SI partners’ expertise with our products. We encourage end-users to require that their preferred partners attain the highest levels of delivery expertise and certification with our portfolio of products. SIs that are certified have demonstrated expertise with a wide range of technologies.


Wonderware recognizes that our community of fully-vetted system integrators is key to delivering our technologies. Maintaining collaborative business relationships with and within our global partner community facilitates customer access to an SI community with exceptional vertical industry focus to deliver the business results that our customers’ needs.

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Platform for Reward

With the Wonderware SI Partner program the more you invest in your Wonderware practice the more opportunities your company has to move up to the higher levels and gain higher rewards. The type of rewards you are eligible for are based on your Wonderware SI Partner Program authorization level. Reference the table to the right for benefits specific to each authorized SI Partner level.

Wonderware System Integrator Partner Program Levels

There are various levels of Wonderware Systems Integrator Certifications. Only System Integrators with proven technical excellence, customer service and integrity participate in our Endorsed and Certified SI programs. We maintain strong relationships with this community to ensure that they are knowledgeable about upcoming product releases, support updates and other information critical to the successful delivery of customer projects.

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