With InTouch Access Anywhere 2014 R2 SP1, two additional choices are available to select how an InTouch application is displayed on the screen of the device from which you are connecting.

• Fit to browser
• Fit to Screen

In order for these to work correctly, Dynamic Resolution conversion must be enabled to allow WindowViewer to convert to screen video resolution. This must be done for every user.

Figure 1: InTouch Application Node Properties

Some RDS users may not have sufficient rights to change this setting directly from the InTouch Application Manager. The solution is then to edit the win.ini file for that particular user adding the following lines:

ViewApplicationResolution =2 (This is the value for “Convert to screen video resolution”)

Figure 2: Win.ini file modifications

Note that for newly created users, the win.ini file will not exists immediately as the user’s profile folder has not been created.

However, if the RDS users have already connected once, the user-specific win.ini file will be in place and you can edit that file thereafter.

For each remote RDS user, the user’s win.ini file has to be modified.