There are several advanced graphics adapter cards on the market today which allow you to have more than one VGA monitor connected to your system at one time. These monitors act in tandem, creating a virtual “screen” which is very large. For example, Wonderware recently displayed one of these systems at the Instrumentation Society of America (ISA) show in Philadelphia. This system had four 17” monitors connected to it which were stacked as a cube: two on the bottom and two on the top. Since each screen had a resolution of 800×600, the virtual screen created was 1600×1200 pixels!

The problem is that when a Keypad was displayed, its initial position was at the center of each of these screens. Even though the keys were visible and usable on the keypad, it was split between four separate monitors. To solve the problem, Wonderware added Multi-Monitor support to InTouch version 5.0. The procedure shows how to enable this support.