This Tech Note describes how to setup Alarm DB Manager Logger and Alarm DB View ActiveX Control in InTouch 7.11. The procedure described here consists of the following steps:

Explanation of the Three Main Alarm Executables

  • Setting up Alarm DB Logger Manager. Connecting to the Server and creating the alarm database.
  • Setting up the Alarm DB View ActiveX Control.
  • Writing Script to change the nodes and/or servers in the Alarm DB View ActiveX Control.
  • Known issues regarding the topic.


Explanation of Alarm Executables

  • Alarmmgr.exe – This is the Distributed Alarm system. It launches when View or any of the InTouch Alarm utilities are started.
  • Alarmlogwiz.exe – This is the Alarm Logger Manager utility and is used to configure the Alarm Logger. This can be started via WindowMaker or the Start menu shortcut.
  • Wwalmlogger.exe – This is the Alarm Logger Utility. It logs alarms to the database. For automatic startup this executable can be placed in the Startup Folder or launched from View. It can also be configured to run as a Windows Service (see below). The executable can also be started via the Alarm DB logger Manager (Almlogwiz.exe) via the Start button. This can be done from either, WindowMaker or Start menu shortcut.