What Are Maintenance and Support Programs?

The Wonderware Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program is a flexible portfolio of services that help protect and extend the value of your Wonderware products and solutions across their entire lifecycle.

A Customer FIRST Agreement is a formal service relationship with Schneider Electric that enables access to the latest software upgrades, expert technical assistance, self-help tools and a wide range of additional services to help you improve your operational effectiveness.

Your software investment extends well beyond the initial purchase and installation price of the software itself.

Extracting maximum competitive advantage requires constant maintenance, upgrade and tuning to meet emerging business and operational challenges. The award-winning Wonderware Customer FIRST program offers a wide array of support service programs to keep your company’s competitive edge sharp, including the following:

  • Software upgrades, to be sure your teams are armed with the most advanced Wonderware versions
  • Global access to technical support experts, to ensure that all best options are in play
  • Software utilities, including a massive global customer support website and tools for software asset management
  • A wide range of optional services and system management applications to help manage, optimize and use Wonderware software to its fullest potential

The business case

Choosing the right service plan not only pays for itself many times over, it can also maximize the return on your entire industrial software investment, in at least the following ways:

  • Protect Critical Investments — Customer FIRST agreements wire you in to product enhancements and the latest industry advances, so you can be confident that your software and applications are truly state-of-the-art
  • Maximize Asset Performance — Keeping your Wonderware software operating at peak, is a great way to maximize return on your investment in all plant assets
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership — Reduce TCO by minimizing downtime and process interruption and improving operator productivity


Product Registration

Register your Wonderware West products online.

Customer FIRST

Customer FIRST Support Programs for Wonderware solutions help you realize maximum value from your Wonderware investment.

Tech Notes

Expand your knowledge base by exploring answers to technical questions related to Wonderware software solutions.

Video Tech Notes

View custom video content created for our customers to assist with technical troubleshooting related to Wonderware software solutions.

Product Support Life Cycle​​​

We are continually modifying and enhancing Wonderware software products to meet the changing demands and requirements of the markets that we serve. Review the product support life cycle​​​ definitions and get the latest versions of our products.

Global Customer Support

Web-based access to the enormous Wonderware software knowledge base, support case management and software downloads makes the Global Customer Support (GCS) website an invaluable resource. Powerful self-help capabilities and a new search engine connect users to valuable information and software, quickly and efficiently.​