Recipe Management

Recipe Management reduces the effort to manage your product formulations and setup specifications on automated production equipment and machines in manufacturing.

Powerful, ready-to-use configuration and operator user interface functionality, deep governance – including role-based security, change management with item versioning and approval – and electronic history records offer fast time to value and empower your operational teams to improve productivity and quality.


What it is Recipe Management?

Recipe Management is commercial off-the-shelf recipe management software for simplification of recipe deployment, optimization and execution on automated equipment in manufacturing operations. The software helps to manage more product variations, to increase operational efficiency and enforces product quality through increased process automation and repeatability.

This new and unique approach standardizes recipe management, simplifying and speeding the introduction of new products to automated production lines. It reduces the number of recipe systems and formats and establishes governance to secure the consistent quality of your products.

Just download formula parameters and processes to the automation system controlling the appropriate unit, work cells or lines in batch-oriented or hybrid manufacturing processes. You will have everything you need to execute and optimize recipes to your quality specifications. The software is automation system neutral.

Browser-Based Functionality
Recipe Management is a client/server Web application with a central data repository. Users and operators interact with Recipe Manager Plus through a Web-based, secure user interface, making it easy to access software functionality anywhere on your network. The platform neutral user interface is available on any computer, operator panel or mobile device with an HTML5 compatible browser.
Bridging the Gap
A recent recipe management report by ARC Advisory Group states: “The complex nature of most batch processes and variations in materials usage and process settings between products produced make them difficult to control and optimize, requiring sophisticated recipe-driven production techniques to maintain batch-to-batch consistency, increase flexibility, shorten product release cycles,reduce lead times, cut costs, better manage global operations, and produce products that meet or exceed customer expectations.”
Enterprise Governance

The ready to use Web-based user interface enhances governance through configurable role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals and an electronic change and execution history. It provides a recipe management standard across heterogeneous automation system landscapes of lines,plants or multiple plants.

Roles allow the definition of user and user groups with individual permissions in editing or viewing formulas, recipes and equipment, and downloading formulas and executing recipes. The IT security and firewall friendly technology allows remote access to maintain or update recipes without compromising system security in mission critical process networks.

Integrate with any Automation System

Run Recipe Management in standalone mode or integrated with Wonderware System Platform. Configure I/O mapping for the OPC UA (DA spec) client functionality using the Web application equipment page and the Recipe Management server runs the execution service. Operators then use the Web application execution page in a browser or browser control hosted in any existing HMI software.

When integrating with Wonderware System Platform, map I/O with the Recipe Management object template and model importer in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE,) and Wonderware Application Server executes. Operators can then access the execution Web page in a browser or a browser control within InTouch for System Platform or any other HMI software.