Operate and Optimize
MES/MOM Products

MES Software / Operations

Wonderware Operations Management helps transform raw materials into finished products in real time.

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management

Improve your discrete manufacturing productivity, flexibility, reliability and cost competitiveness.

MES Software / Performance

Wonderware MES/Performance provides real-time line and equipment Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring, along with equipment utilization events capture and analysis, all within a work order execution context.

MES Software / Quality

Wonderware MES/Quality software provides solutions for marshaling equipment, procedures and people for continuous quality improvement.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration maintains an online connection between MES and business systems, providing agile, short term production planning and flexible updating.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is the workflow platform for Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management.

Batch Management

Batch Management is a batch processes automation solution for processes requiring maximum flexibility.

Recipe Management

Recipe Management is software for simplifying recipe deployment, optimization and execution on automated equipment in manufacturing operations.

QI Analyst

Wonderware QI Analyst is software for measuring and controlling quality in manufacturing processes