HMI/SCADA Products


Wonderware InTouch is award-winning HMI visualization software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence. Used in more than one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, in virtually every country and industry, InTouch HMI software continues to deliver business value in engineering simplicity, operational agility and real-time performance mastery.

System Platform

System Platform empowers users with rich visualization, intelligent alarming, flexible analysis and reporting tools in addition to plug-in extension applications such as MES, workflow, quality, batch and enterprise Integration for sustainable production and operations performance improvement.

InTouch Edge HMI

InTouch Edge HMI is a customizable HMI designed specifically for the embedded and OEM applications where a small footprint and cost-effective price are paramount. The compact footprint and full feature set enable OEMs, machine builders, and end users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for any industry.


Shaped on addressing key social and technological trends including evolving workforce demography, globalization and the convergence of information and operational technologies; Citect SCADA 2016
delivers a host of intuitive functionality enhancements and innovations that streamline and reimagine the engineering experience.

Control Standards and Configuration

Control Standards and Configuration, formerly Prometheus, is the industry’s first universal configuration solution that defines, programs and documents your control code into all your control systems from the HMI to your PLCs and I/O.

InTouch Access Anywhere

InTouch Access Anywhere is an InTouch extension that provides mobile and casual users access to InTouch applications via HTML5-compliant Web browsers. It completes our vision of enabling visualization, collaboration and execution at various levels of the organization with zero client installation, zero maintenance and enables users to securely troubleshoot plant equipment from any location, on any device, at any time.

Alarm Adviser

Alarm Adviser is powerful web-based alarm analysis software that helps identify and rationalize nuisance alarms. It provides a single means of identifying frequent, standing, fleeting and consequential alarms, which can help your engineers quickly distinguish safety-critical alarms from routine alarms.

Industrial Computers

InTouch Panel PCs are the perfect anchor component for your hardware or software standardization. They offer a single, powerful HMI visualization platform across all your plant needs from machine level, manufacturing line and process supervisory applications. Put the world-leading InTouch HMI to work immediately by ordering it pre-installed on a Wonderware industrial computer or panel PC.

Development Studio

Development Studio provides an integrated engineering environment for all Supervisory SCADA, HMI and MES application development. The unified development environment enables Engineering personnel to build highly maintainable HMI SCADA applications while shortening the time-to-market.

Device Integration

The Wonderware Device Integration strategy links virtually every plant information device and source, easily and very cost-effectively. Integrating a wide spectrum of different devices and systems with supervisory HMI and historized data storage has never been easier. And because Wonderware Device Integration is hardware independent, you enjoy a common interface for configuring, deploying and managing connectivity.


Wonderware Toolkits empower developers to extend Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform to meet their special integration needs.

Online InStudio

InStudio is a revolutionary new service which complements your Wonderware Development Studio software to help you with rapid project creation, project archiving, capacity and storage on-demand, and to manage multiple Wonderware development projects simply, easily and securely.

Remote Response Objects

Wonderware Remote Response Objects (RROs) enable alarm and event information to be delivered to your mobile and offsite personnel, keeping them informed of significant production status or process alarms regardless of their location.