Real-Time Operational Performance Management

When it comes to business agility and optimizing your operations, information silos can be one of the biggest obstacles to delivering profitability.

With siloed IT and OT systems, your teams do not have full visibility to the data that drives real-time decisions, and ultimately drives your business. Operational inefficiencies make it difficult to align your processes or collaborate effectively, eventually leading to frustrated teams and reduced profit margins.

But when you have invested so much in your existing systems, it does not make sense to rip everything out and replace it. The question then becomes: how do you get your current systems to communicate more effectively and reduce silos?

AVEVA Unified Operations Center

Working side-by-side with leading pioneer companies, AVEVA has productized best practices into templated, vertical solutions that are repeatable, scalable and adaptable, enabling fast implementation and payback. Organizations deploying this solution will realize reductions in project implementation times by up to 60%, as compared to bespoke implementations of intelligent operations center solutions.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center empowers the whole team with a centralized view to help make informed decisions, fast. Bringing end-to-end operational visibility across facilities helps you improve safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately the profit margins of your business.

Based on a “Systems of Systems” approach, Unified Operations Center allows plug-in and integrated apps, analytics, CCTV videos, GIS maps, ERP systems, Engineering P&ID diagrams and more. With out-of-the-box industry solution templates, reports, dashboards and operational KPIs unifying your functional teams, departments and sites seamlessly under one platform, Unified Operations Center enables faster time to value.


Realize Maximum Value with AVEVA Unified Operations Center

Companies have realized multi-million-dollar cost savings due to the increased enterprise visibility, collaboration and operational agility that AVEVA Unified Operations Center provides. Connect people, assets and data to your business to empower your team to enable enterprise-wide visibility and collaboration for improved strategic decision-making across sites, increased agility through alignment of operations and engineering and optimized operations that add value to your bottom line.

Operations & Maintenance
  • Respond rapidly to unplanned downtime or crisis situations by leveraging engineering data in its real-time, operational context
  • Eliminate human error and manual processes with automated workflows, such as automatic work orders, and easily access standardized operating procedures
  • Improve collaboration using improved shift handovers and electronic operator log books
Technical Services (Engineering)
  • Management of Change project analysis by cost and schedule
  • Optimize plant throughput and asset utilization using what-if analysis scenarios, and modeling of process and equipment parameters
  • Improve profit margins and reduce energy with energy consumption analysis by equipment

Business Management
  • Enterprize-wide visibility - provide effective operational monitoring at corporate headquarters and subsidiary levels of the organisation with target versus actual performance analysis
  • Real-time decision support – understand inter-dependencies by unlocking data stored in disparate systems, and gaining new insights into process parameters
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk – monitor critical parameters with the Environmental, Safety & Health module

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Foundation to Real-Time Performance Management

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