AutoSave for System Platform

Change is inevitable. If not managed correctly it can be costly and even dangerous.

Excelling within an ever-changing automation environment is what AutoSave for System Platform is all about. It change-proofs the Wonderware software environment by providing highly structured management of modifications to software objects such as graphics, templates and instances.

Feature / Benefits
  • Increases System Control Management
  • Delivers Higher Application Integrity Assurance
  • Remove Undesired Changes
  • Detect Differences in Versions
  • Gain Insight into Object Associations
  • Restore Object Changes Following a Galaxy Restoration

Built upon MDT AutoSave

The automation industry’s most advanced change management and version control software, AutoSave for System Platform gives users the ability to protect, save, restore, discover and track changes not only to galaxy objects, but also to industrial programmable devices and plant-floor documents.

The AutoSave Server stores version history and revision detail for each galaxy object. Users audit change history via the AutoSave Client, which enables intuitive comparisons between version and easy restoration to prior states is necessary.

AutoSave for System Platform

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