InTouch Edge HMI

InTouch Edge HMI is a customizable HMI designed specifically for the embedded and OEM applications where a small footprint and cost effective price are paramount.

The compact footprint of the InTouch Edge HMI makes it the ideal HMI for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It can deploy and run on small panel PCs, embedded devices and machines and supports remote HMI access on smartphones and tablets without any client installations.

InTouch Edge HMI is a natural extension of the current Wonderware HMI portfolio and the perfect complement for customers who already own System Platform or Historian. It provides embedded devices, local PC-based HMIs, SCADA systems with unique functionality for connecting automation systems end-to-end.

Features / Benefits
  • Seamless integration of small footprint embedded devices to System Platform and Historian
  • Platform agnostic, so you can build an application once and deploy it on embedded Linux and VxWorks as well as embedded Microsoft OS desktop and server platforms
  • Native Web-browser visualization with zero client installation and administration

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The Wonderware HMI for machines - Wonderware InTouch Edge HMIn enables OEMs, panel builders, and end users to quickly create intuitive, secure and highly maintainable HMI applications for intelligent machines and for a variety of low-level devices using embedded operating systems.

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Enhance the Intelligence of Embedded Devices

OEMs, machine builders and end users can convert autonomous standalone machines by integrating and exposing machine data seamlessly into the supervisory HMI and historical archive systems, providing a broader understanding of the entire operation. No longer isolated, these scattered devices become integral to the overall automation system, even across multiple locations.

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