Easy access to plant performance and production data

Create a personal, Web-based filter for the process graphics, trends charts, KPI dashboards and whatever else you may want at your fingertips. It is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to maintain.


Get a Panoramic View
See real-time and historical information from any ADO/ODBC supervisory system, historian, MES, batch or mobile system.


View Historical Context
Aggregate and contextualize vital information for better collaboration and troubleshooting through a powerful data analysis tool.


Present intricate process details, through TableWeaver display creator.


Create Charts & Graphs
Create rich trend charts and X-Y scatter plots through the embedded Historian Client.


Query from your Browser
Create SQL Server reports out of the box, through integrated Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.


Embed Third-Party Systems
Open interfaces, such as HTTP or content available as HTML reports, can be embedded into Wonderware Information Server.


Feed Portals
Wonderware Information Server can be embedded into Microsoft SharePoint for further enterprise-wide collaboration.


Gain Deep Business Insight
Access the powerful data structures within Wonderware Intelligence software.