Turn data into actionable insights

Enterprise Historian's advanced client tools, application programming interfaces (APIs) and Web technology allow company-wide access to information for transformation into actionable insight.


Connect with hundreds of control, monitoring, smart devices and other business systems using a variety of standard interfaces.
Present real-time and historical data through advanced client tools (eDNA View, eDNA Trend, eDNA Excel Add-in, eDNA Report Manager and eDNA Web).
Alert & Notify
Send an email or text message with alarm information, such as “Unit 1 generator is experiencing high bearing temperature. Inform operator".
Compress, store and organize collected information securely in an enterprise database with 100% lossless data compression.
Create user defined calculations and expressions with a pre-defined library of functions to create trending, graphical display and reports. Use the eDNA Client Suite to interpret the data, document results and diagnose events.
Access Structured Content
A meta or object based data organization technology grows with the archive, providing components that simplify analysis.
Access raw and aggregated information in a specified format or through ad-hoc queries.

The Predictive Asset Analytics Module

As a complement to Enterprise Historian, the PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics module uses machine learning and advanced pattern recognition for early warning notification of equipment problems. This reduces unscheduled downtime, increases reliability and improves performance.