Citect Anywhere

Citect Anywhere is a mobile extension of Citect SCADA that provides unprecedented real-time access to Citect applications via HTML5-compliant web browsers.

Operators can seamlessly access process information on any device, at any time, in any location – troubleshooting equipment and addressing issues on the spot, with swift corrective action saving valuable time and driving operational efficiency.

Our web-enabled Citect SCADA solution offers inbuilt safeguards to help protect process data from unauthorized access, helping to optimize the security of your operations. Visualization, collaboration, and execution of process data at various levels of the organization ensure you always have your finger on your operations’ pulse.

Empower your operators with process data on the go with Citect Anywhere and:

  • Maximize your SCADA investment
  • Reduce field service and maintenance costs
  • Improve real-time decision making
  • Boost efficiency and responsiveness