Simple, Secure, & Accessible 3D Data Capture Management

A digital twin is only as good as the data that comprises it. To combat risk, industrial leaders enlist 3D data capture technology to maintain an accurate as-is condition of the asset as continuous change occurs throughout the asset and operations lifecycle.

AVEVA’s LFM point cloud management solutions help to break down the silos between engineering, project execution, and operations lifecycles by creating an accessible, detailed, and secure digital asset to enable data-rich value additions throughout your projects and operations lifecycle. Ensure the digital and physical representations are aligned to help you make informed decisions, reduce project rework, and improve safety on your most critical assets.

Understanding Capital Project Engineering & Execution Challenges...

Reduce Risk & Rework Onsite

  • Precise as-is data enables common inspection and surveying tasks to be conducted remotely
  • Train essential on-site personnel virtually with accurate representations of the asset.
  • Less man hours on site creates cost savings opportunities and increased safety.

Handle Massive Amounts of Data

  • Huge amounts of data can be stored, accessed and managed, online or offline, without risk of crashing.
  • Merge the as-is point cloud data with the engineered 3D model for accurate, optimized maintenance projects

Capture the As-Is Model

  • Maintain a trustworthy source of as-is point cloud data.
  • Share project and asset intelligence to mitigate against risk of propagating misinformation and subsequent delays.

Unlock Access to Your Data

  • Provide remote, global stakeholders a window into your point cloud data, with controls to manage
  • Export data to all major CAD packages for incorporating precise as-is data in to 2D designs and 3D models
  • Available on-premise and on the cloud

...And How We Can Help

Adding context to your Digital Asset.

Unique to the market, AVEVA LFM solutions are available on-premise or on the cloud to help you connect to your fully detailed digital twin throughout the asset and operations lifecycle, anywhere, and on your terms.


Use Any Capture Device

Adopt and combine any capture device into a single project, assuring high-quality data and the very best visualization of a site.

Add Context to your Digital Asset

Gain the ability to maintain laser scan projects alongside the physical asset allowing laser scan data to underpin your Digital Asset.

Take the Site, to Site

Take advantage of AVEVA LFM NetView to access and maintain your latest point cloud data, no matter the level of connectivity.

3D Data Capture Products

Register and process 3D capture and interface with all major 3D CAD packages.
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Secure, on-demand access to 3D capture data for asset management and project execution.
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Leverage LFM software on AVEVA's secure cloud platform to enable deeper insights and more flexibility and scalability across your asset and operations lifecycles.
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AVEVA Point Cloud Viewer Products


Capture, store, visualize, and handle point Cloud datasets in a simple, accessible, and secure workflow.