The Insight Performance Solution

Collect and access equipment efficiency and asset utilization information anywhere, anytime to drive plant performance and share best practices throughout the enterprise.

Insight Performance is a secure, managed cloud solution for manufacturing equipment efficiency and utilization data collection, monitoring and analysis. This cost-effective solution increases plant performance and asset utilization through manual and automatic data collection and analysis capabilities, all without requiring an established IT infrastructure and the associated costs. Insight Performance provides operators with intuitive KPI dashboards and real-time visibility into current downtime causes, empowering users to take immediate corrective action. Continuous improvement and best practice standardization are facilitated through advanced reporting and analysis capabilities which can access equipment performance history from anywhere within the plant, in the enterprise or as an OEM providing value-added services for their solution.

Insight Performance is the quickest and most cost-effective route to the proven benefits of manufacturing equipment efficiency and operational performance management.


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Manufacturing Equipment Performance Management

Insight Performance is a software-as-a-service application for manufacturing equipment efficiency data collection and storage to:

  • Provide real-time visibility into equipment efficiency KPI’s, empowering operators and decision-makers to take immediate corrective action to improve plant performance and productivity
  • Increase asset utilization with accurate information on equipment downtime
  • Expose hidden improvement opportunities and enhance collaboration for increasing asset performance and driving better production results
  • Determine and eliminate the root causes of plant capacity losses with new insights from performance history data
  • Automate data collection from plant automation, Edge, and IoT devices or through using the web user interface

Quick Time to Value

As a secure cloud-based application and data storage solution, Insight Performance provides fast deployment and time to value without the cost and effort of establishing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Get started collecting and storing equipment related event data through:

  1. Operator entry using the web user interface
  2. Direct connection using IoT enabled sensors or
  3. Connecting to existing plant automation systems

Our subscription model offers a scalable approach to meet both small plant and multi-site solution requirements processes and makes it possible to improve equipment performance in plants where traditional on-premise software deployments are not economically feasible.

Enterprise Performance Management

Standardize KPIs, share best practices and elevate plant performance consistently across the business. Simply define a set of equipment KPIs and utilization states as your standard for data collection and visualization in all your plants. With plant and equipment data coming together in the cloud, side-by-side comparison of equipment efficiency and identifying best practices is easy. The cloud provides an immeasurable performance and storage capacity potential for collecting large amounts of data and accessing equipment information throughout large organizations.

Equipment Insights for OEMs and VARs

Insight Performance is a fantastic new opportunity to provide customers with a value-add solution that helps them fully utilize the capacity and performance that your solution offers. It also gives OEMs and VARs the ability to compare and benchmark multiple instances of their solution to gain new insights into downtime patterns, reliability and performance improvement potentials.