Match Maintenance Strategy to Asset Criticality with AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization

The competitive landscape of industrial markets forces companies to drive as much cost out of their operations as possible while maximizing return on asset investment. AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization software helps businesses improve asset performance by integrating risk and asset criticality into an overall asset performance management strategy. The software generates optimized maintenance and spare parts strategies by first looking at the company’s business strategy and objectives, and then prioritizing actions down to an individual asset level to maximize return on asset investment.



Optimize your Asset Performance Strategy


Decrease in CAPEX


Reduction in Maintenance and Inspection cost


Increase in Asset Availability


Reduction in Spare Parts Cost


Start your Digital Transformation Journey with AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization

The software solution is the start of any digital transformation or asset performance management optimization journey. It enables a comprehensive view into current asset performance to identify improvement opportunities, perform analyses and simulation to determine the best maintenance strategies and visualize deployment effects.

Maximize Return
Let our experts guide you through the identification of new opportunities to decrease unscheduled downtime, identify asset failures before they occur, and ensure your business operations are meeting safety and regulatory compliance.
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Comprehensive built-in root cause analysis functionality for incident logging, solution definitions, and secure prevention – including an average 1:30 ROI within a year.
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
The Reliability Centered Maintenance functionality helps plant management with decision making by prioritizing assets based on business risk. It facilitates a deep understanding of failure behavior and mitigating actions, and helps you to prioritize your asset strategy in relation to company objectives like availability, costs reduction, safety and compliance.
Spare Part Optimization
Optimize inventory management related to your critical assets and realize significant savings in downtime and stock management.
Simulation for Optimization
By simulating different asset strategies over the full asset lifecycle, this functionality facilitates decision making, helping you find the perfect balance between cost versus risk.
Asset Strategy Library
Built with 20 years of equipment reliability data, AVEVA’s Asset Strategy Library accelerates deployment time by up to 90 percent, securing return on investment faster than ever.