About CSE Icon

CSE Icon is a US based consulting , engineering and technology integration services firm focusing on Oil and Gas industry (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream facilities) and Utilities Industry.

CSE Icon staff includes Practice leads, System consultants, System engineers and Enterprise integrators with expertise and experience in Real time Data Infrastructure, SCADA and Enterprise SCADA systems, Cybersecurity systems and procedures, Integrated Controls and Measurement and Storage, Servers and Network areas.

CSE Icon’s expertise lies in:

  1. its integration capabilities across various systems and technologies
  2. application and domain knowledge of upstream and midstream (pipeline) industries complemented by the Group’s expertise in downstream and Utilities Industry.

Services include:

  • real-time information infrastructure implementation
  • integration with various SCADA systems such as Cygnet and Wonderware
  • Enterprise wide data integration into PI from DCS, PLCs, SCADA, LIMS, Manual data etc
  • business process integration into ERP systems and business intelligence and layered applications.

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