TOP Server

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TOP Server™ is an OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application targeting Wonderware applications.

The TOP Server works with a large variety of Automation Software. This gives you the flexibility to connect to your hardware systems and bring that data back to almost any software system you might need to meet your business goals. When you buy a TOP Server License you get all the TOP Server built-in features.

The TOP Server’s Flexible and Powerful Features reduce your Total Life Cycle costs. The modular architecture and common user interface can lower your training costs because the common methods used in 100’s of different drivers lets you learn TOP Server once and quickly apply the same knowledge to other drivers. The ability to copy configurations and use them on different PC’s with only minor changes which can be automated has made it the Server of choice for many systems integrators, OEM’s and global companies.

The TOP Server is a multi-threaded application capable of leveraging the latest in dual-core processor and multi-processor technologies – maximizing your performance .

The single interface to nearly ever major HMI using the OPC Data Access (DA) interface and many other native interfaces gives you the freedom to use the best in class software for each application. The TOP Server has also added OPC UA Server, OPC .NET 3.0 (Xi) and OPC Alarms & Events to support you.

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