The Digital Oilfield Comes of Age

Upstream production, processing and pipelines are facing new urgency to control costs, sustainably and without jeopardizing safety. Wonderware solutions tap into the new flexibility and connectivity of the IIoT to improve production, processing and pipeline operations.

Processing Excellence

Processing oil and gas depends on controlling the hydrocarbon stream at the lowest possible cost and with the utmost efficiency. Achieving these goals requires simultaneous optimization of productivity, safety and reliability. Maximizing hydrocarbon streams while minimizing capital costs requires three types of model-based tools: Design tools, real-time optimization tools and training tools. In addition to providing these, Schneider Electric software supports advanced visualization, asset management and enterprise-wide integration of historical, current and predicted performance data. Schneider Electric solutions simplify integration into planning, scheduling and corporate reporting systems.

Pipeline Excellence

Schneider Electric enables operators to maximize the utilization of pipeline capacities while optimizing energy and other operating costs with advanced modeling and analysis. IIoT capabilities will transform pipeline management and safety by improving real-time monitoring of geographically distributed equipment. Operators will be better equipped to dispatch delivery of natural gas or crude oil products efficiently while protecting their valuable assets and safeguarding the environment. Schneider Electric also provides sophisticated turbomachinery control for compressors and pumps essential to moving products through pipelines.

Production Excellence

Optimizing upstream product requires balancing short and long-term requirements. Wonderware solutions provide operating engineers the information they need to meet active production demand. They provide reservoir engineers the analytics they need to view longer term return on assets and preservation of the ultimate recovery of the field. And they help maintenance engineers keep facilities safe and efficient in both the near and long term, with new capabilities for managing replacements, spare parts and downtime. By incorporating the latest cloud and mobile technologies Wonderware solutions support all roles by reducing time and geographic barriers to collaboration.

  • Bring data together for decision makers, quickly
  • Manage geographically dispersed operations
  • Anticipate problems and performance issues and warn about current problems
  • Integrate production planning and maintenance to meet schedules reliably
  • Maximize compliance with safety, production and environmental best practices and regulations
  • Operate efficiently
  • Maintain a responsive supply flow to meet demand