As a machine builder, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or value added reseller (VAR), you must innovate continuously to maintain market share.

Among the greatest opportunities to add value to today's systems is in equipping them to integrate with other machines and with the extended enterprise.

Wonderware specialists are here to help do that, bringing you the latest integration ready HMIs and all the IIoT, Big Data, Cloud and other integration expertise you need to make the most of that capability.

With Wonderware HMIs, you will be able to ship machines with a platform that is easy to use, capable of communicating and integrating with other hardware and software systems, easily customized and secure. And, you can standardize HMI applications across product lines, across an entire plant, or even meet the needs of multi site installs

Connecting Humans and Machines

Wonderware HMIs enable you to help customers interact directly with your machines to get the most from them. The HMIs also provide with better ways to execute commands, such as starting or stopping a process, acknowledging alarms or manually adjusting settings. You will also make it easier for them to monitor or manage their machines remotely.

Quick Customization

Because each of your customers has unique needs, Wonderware software provides great flexibility in creating templates for individualizing HMIs. You can, for example, develop an application, then change color schemes and logos globally within the application or design-in digital I/O displays, motion capture and voice interfaces for hands-free operation and personalized menu navigation. Standardizing HMIs across a product line will also familiarize operators with the HMI and reduce the learning curve.


Azbil Corporation

Wonderware’s largest VAR/OEM customer depends on the software to provide powerful capabilities and versatility to support worldwide growth as well as the corporation’s mission to add value through human-centered automation

Flexibility to Grow

Because technology is not static, there is inherent risk that the software will become obsolete or outdated while the machine itself is still operational. To avoid locking you into one operating system or HMI software version, Wonderware software is designed with 100 percent backwards compatibility.

Its open architecture means you can develop with certainty that the interfaces you design will not become obsolete if you update to a newer version of Wonderware software or develop an application for a newer version of Windows. And, to accommodate changes or machine components updates over time, Wonderware software offers more than 240 native drivers, covering every major PLC and controller manufacturer.

Wonderware has a broad set of offerings to help you achieve your goals. Our offerings include solutions for:

Easy Integration

Wonderware HMIs are especially well equipped to enable OEM partners to communicate with legacy software and systems. They also integrate with ERP and MES applications and can exchange communications with PLCs or SQL databases. The software also integrates easily with PLCs for servomotors, stepper motors, pick and place, and more. To ensure that machine HMIs offer this easy integration to OEM customers, Wonderware software is based on open architecture that adheres to multiple communications standards and patented SQL database connectivity.

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Digital Transformation Workshop

Our purpose built framework is designed to help you create a vision and roadmap for your digital transformation needs.

We provide a Digital Transformation Roadmap that guides you from your current state to a more mature future state delivering a Technology Vision & Strategy increasing value to the plant and global fleet of plants across the enterprise.