Raising yield and driving compliance for chemical production

The power and ease of use of Wonderware software enable more flexible and agile production, while also reducing unit costs, energy usage, greenhouse gas intensities and plant emissions.

Wonderware solutions support value creation and sustainability for chemical producers. Whether you produce organic specialty chemical, inorganic bulk chemicals, biofuel or fertilizers, Wonderware can help bring your operations into control and compliance. Our software augments your ability to improve plant and facilities operations continuously, safely and with less waste.

Wonderware solutions provide chemical producers with the focused operations measurements such as model-based, real-time measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), energy and cost accounting. Tracking such key performance indicators closely generates better insights for every value-generation step, all within a real-time business context.

Wonderware solutions can deliver significant increases in the plant or facility’s sales value of production (SVOP) and contribute to sustainability by easing the environmental, health and safety compliance concerns that are increasingly occupying the minds of business leaders in this sector. And as the IIoT evolves to offer new solutions for performance and compliance, we will be there to help you phase them into your business.


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