How you apply your engineering, operations and management skills to the complex problems in your industry is key to the value you bring. Count on Wonderware West for the tools, talent and domain knowledge that will amplify your contribution.

Industry Solutions

Digital Transformation


Wonderware West offers a variety of tools for the Chemical industry

Food & Beverage

Wonderware is the modern, proven and safe choice for food and beverage manufacturing


Solutions for smart cities, transportation, airports, waste management and other infrastructure services.

Life Sciences

Wonderware is your best choice for modern management in life sciences manufacturing.


Delivering on the new generation of intelligent, integrated machines

Mining & Metals

Wonderware is the modern and safe choice for mining operations
and information management.

Oil & Gas

Heightened flexibility, economy and productivity for
the oil and gas industry.

Power & Utilities

Wonderware is a leading and proven partner for power generation

Water & Wastewater

Find out how Wonderware West can help with Water & Wastewater treatment