Maintain Production Value with Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is the art of setting the policies and rules necessary to maintain production value and ensuring that everyone and everything operate accordingly.  It involves the optimization of equipment, inventory, process execution and staffing around strategic objectives such as cost reduction, quality control and throughput continuous improvement in the following areas:

  • Performance management
  • Operations and execution
  • Recipe and batch management

Manufacturing Operations Management is delivered by applications that digitize of operational processes and information to enable both efficiency and transparency. These can be deployed at single-or multiple sites. They key, especially in multi-site applications, is to enforce consistent reporting, analysis and standardization of business processes.


Scalable Solutions

Companies can approach MOM from an equipment performance perspective only or can evolve to maximum MOM functionality, integrating operations and execution, business process automation or batch management as needed. They can implement MOM locally or can standardize processes, templates and procedures for enterprise deployment.

What is special about Wonderware MES/MOM?

Operations Management Solutions provide the backbone for optimized operations, including manufacturing execution, reporting and analysis, information management, energy management, and application/enterprise integration.

Manage Human and Machine Operations with Precision

Effective management of manufacturing operations should start with identification of the KPIs that will drive measurement and improvement. This guides setting priorities on the functions for automation and selecting the appropriate applications.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Helps in measuring equipment performance KPI’s and in managing and executing production rules and policies for both manual and automated operations.
Business Process Management (BPM)
Helps to consistently enforce rules and policies, streamlines activity between automated and human activity while maintaining SOPs.
Wonderware Enterprise Integration (WEI)
Wonderware Enterprise Integrator enables message exchange and automatic data synchronization between two or more business or plant applications.
Model-driven Multi-site standardization techniques
For any transformation to succeed your team must understand your business objectives and have the skills to create and implement the design.

Who benefits from Manufacturing Operations Management?

Effective operations delivers benefits for both operations and plant management.

Plant operations can…

  1. Go lean – Manage work order execution by providing electronic work instructions to operators, download set up  parameters to equipment, leverage  governance to enforce processes and product quality,  optimize inventory levels and logistics to ensure uninterrupted production
  2. Optimize asset utilization – Monitor asset Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and downtime events to  identify bottlenecks,  establish best practices when comparing line-to-line and equipment-to-equipment performance effectiveness
  3. Maintain quality – Enforce consistent product quality by following defined production processes,
    job procedures and use of specified materials to achieve quality to specifications
  4. Improve quality – Reduce waste, minimize variations and improve yields by reducing quality giveaway using statistical process control (SPC) methods

Management can…

  1. Drive business performance – Are people following the same procedures and adopting best practices? Are quality variations impacting the bottom line results? Are business operations and plant operations provided with the real time visibility to take the best planning decisions?
  2. Document compliance – Reduce the risk of recalls and protect your brand equity by enforcing and ensuring that products are produced to specifications. Document the manufacturing execution process with detailed traceability and quality records
  3. See the process – Achieve supply chain visibility and decision making support to make better planning decisions and meet customer satisfaction targets
  4. Ride the wave – Facilitate closer integration of business planning and business functions with manufacturing operations to increase agility, take advantage of profitable opportunities in market demand and optimize plant capacity

Stay compliant – Wonderware helps you comply with today’s regulations by documenting execution events, material flows and quality of products and processes. Automated electronic record keeping reduces the cost of compliance and eliminates extensive manual work and potential errors in data collection, transformation and quality certificates.

Haphazard development of rules and procedures is no fun for anyone. It also adds costs and saps value. Getting everyone on the same procedural page is no longer wishful thinking. Wonderware applications help organizations do it every day.

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