What's new in Wonderware SmartGlance  

Coming soon to an Android phone near you... Wonderware SmartGlance is being updated with some new charting and visibility options. Don't worry iOS users, these features will soon be available on Apple devices too.

What's new in March 2017?

  • Gantt charts for discrete and string tags
  • Configured alerts listing

Gantt Charts for Discrete and String Tags

You may have seen that Gantt charts were recently introduced in Wonderware Online InSight for Discrete and String Tags. Our intent is to bring as many of these features to mobile devices as we can, starting with Gantt charts for Android. This will allow you to chart items such as 'machine status' to get a quick visual cue as to whether the machine is running or stopped. Or, you can chart weather events such as cloud states, and see how they change over time and across different cities. 
SmartGlance now supports Gantt charts

Configured Alerts Listing

We have also updated our alerts listing to show all of your alerts in one place, even if they are not currently active. From this screen you can also edit your personalized alerts, simply click and hold on the alert and modify the settings.  

 SmartGlance all alerts pane now on Android

Expect these enhancements in the coming days and we'll update you when they're available on iOS too. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates why not contact the team at feedback@wonderware.com

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