What's new in SmartGlance powered by Wonderware Online 

I'm pleased to announce that the latest version of the SmartGlance mobile app is now available for both Android and iOS.

This release expands our alerting system to make it even easier to get mobile notification on the information that matters most to you, and your team - when, and where they need it.

What’s new for June 2018?

  • Use zones to set alerts
  • Get a quick count of active alerts

Use zones to set alerts

Earlier in the year we introduced the ability to visualize the preferred target range for tags, and now you can use these same zones to set alerts. 

Quickly and easily create personalized alerts when a tag enters or exits a configured zone. You can also select whether the system should notify you when an alert is cleared.

Use your predefined tag zones to set alerts in SmartGlance

Zones are predefined at the tag level by your system administrator using the Wonderware Online Tag Dictionary. For more information check out our video below.


Get a quick count of active alerts

We've also updated the "Alerts" notification in the tab bar so that you can see at a glance how many active alerts you have.

SmartGlance displays the number of active alerts in the bottom tab bar

So why not try it for yourself. Sign up for your free 45-day trial of Insight powered by Wonderware Online today - it includes the SmartGlance mobile experience! Start your digital transformation today: https://online.wonderware.com

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