Wonderware SmartGlance: January 2017 Release
Welcome to 2017. We are just a few short weeks into the new year and already we have some exciting new enhancements to the Wonderware SmartGlance app. What's new in January 2017?
  • String-based reports - Pareto charts - now available for Android
  • Tag Alias support for iOS and Android
  • Tag Alias for alert notification

String-based reports - Pareto charts
Following on from our December 2016 release which introduced string-based reports for iOS we have now extended this capability to Android. This means no matter your device you can now create and configure your own Pareto charts for enhanced visibility and more powerful analysis of your process. pareto i4 portrait.jpg
Tag Alias support
Wonderware SmartGlance now supports tag aliases. This means that long, complicated engineering tags can be given a 'nick name' that makes the information much easier to find, read, and digest by the everyday user. The following video shows how to set up Tag Aliases in Wonderware Online InSight. The same principles and steps shown here also apply to Wonderware SmartGlance.
Tag Alias for Alert Notification
The same tag aliases you set up for everyday use also flow through to the Wonderware Online Alert Engine. This means alerts will show your tag 'nick names' so you can quickly and easily understand what's going on with your system. This is especially important when you are responding to alarms in the middle of the night! We hope you enjoy these new updates. They have already been deployed to your SmartGlance app so look out for them now. Did you know that Wonderware Online InSight offers a simple and effective way of taking your SmartGlance mobile data and making it available on any device, anywhere, any time? So you can view your content on mobile, tablet, or even desktop plus have access to more records, additional chart types and intelligent newsfeed. Wonderware Online InSight. Turn your data into insights. It is that simple. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE
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