Wonderware Online Insight: May 2018 Update

Not only is it something we have wanted to do for a while, but a few of you Administrators have requested the ability to overwrite incorrect data via CSV/ JSON... well, now you can! 

What's new in May 2018?

  • CSV/ JSON overwrite

CSV/ JSON overwrite

The new CSV/ JSON overwrite capability allows you to fix incorrect values as simply as dragging and dropping a new data file into Insight.

Fix incorrect or late-arriving data using the CSV/JSON overwrite feature

This is particularly helpful if you notice an error in your data or have late-arriving information e.g. survey results, shift data, quality information.

Alternatively you can overwrite the data using the direct upload method. For this you will need to include the optional header that sets the overwrite to "true" - discover more in our help file.

For a refresher on how the CSV/ JSON upload works using the HTTP Post option check out the following video:


These new features have already been deployed to your Insight: powered by Wonderware Online platform so start taking advantage of them today.

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