New updates for Wonderware Online InSight  

Amidst the excitement of our annual sales and marketing conference last week, the product development team released some great new features to Wonderware Online InSight (with zero downtime, that's how seamless cloud information management should be!). These enhancements provide new, easy ways to interrogate your data and discover exactly what is happening in your plant. 

What's new in March 2017?

  • Expanded Pan and Zoom Capabilities
  • Gantt Charts for Discrete Tags
  • Composite Charts 
  • Extended Tag Properties

Expanded Pan and Zoom Capabilities

Since releasing Pan and Zoom capabilities in January, the team have been busy working on expanding the functionality so that it works with even more chart types. Now you can also use Pan and Zoom when using Stacked and Y-Axis modes in your charts.


Even better, Pan and Zoom will now also work in embed charts and Template APIs. So wherever you choose to view your Online InSight content you can easily drill down to interrogate data in a particular period, or zoom out to see the long-term context. 


Gantt Charts for Discrete Tags

Making it even easier to work out what is happening in your process, we have introduced Gantt Charts for Discrete Tags. For instance, you can now chart items like 'machine status' and the Gantt chart will provide a quick visual cue as to whether the machine is running or stopped.


Composite Charts

With the introduction of Gantt charts we have updated our charting capabilities so you can create your own composite charts (see image above). Customize charts to suit your needs and plot discrete and numeric tags on the same chart to easily visualize Gantt and Line Chart information at once - super simple to see the impact that stoppages have on your overall process. 

We also tweaked the way you add tags to content, so no matter where you view information tags will always show up in the order you added them.


Extended Properties

And for all the Administrators out there we have now enabled support for extended properties so you can change or append additional properties and metadata to your tags through the CSV upload process. Enhanced metadata makes your natural language search even more powerful so users across the business can quickly access the information they need - without having to know the engineering tag name. Simple!  


These enhancements have already been deployed to the system so look out for them now. And, if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates why not contact the team at

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