What's new in Insight powered by Wonderware Online

Welcome to 2018 and the first Insight update for the year! I am pleased to say that we have already implemented some great new enhancements and have even more exciting ideas in the pipeline - all designed to help you on your digital transformation journey.   

What’s new for January 2018?

  • Delete single or multiple tags (Administrators)
  • Performance improvements
  • Additional translation - Spanish

Delete single or multiple tags (Administrators)

We have had a few people request this, and it's been in-the-works for some time, so we are pleased to let you know that you can now delete a tag, or tags, and all related history from Insight. 

Insight powered by Wonderware Online now allows you to delete tags

Just go into the Administration Portal and launch the Tag Dictionary editor, and just enter the word “Yes” in the Delete column for any tag you want to remove. Enter "delete" to confirm. Click Save and job done – it is that simple.

And remember, if you have any suggestions for improvements please let us know at feedback@wonderware.com.


Performance improvements

Performance is one of those areas where too much is never enough. So there’s a few tricks that we’ve implemented under the hood – a pinch of bundling scripts here, a dash of caching files there – the recipe isn’t so important, but we feel the results are noticeable in both Insight and SmartGlance.


Additional translation (Spanish)

Following on from our November release when we introduced Czech and Slovak, we are excited to announce that Insight is now available in Spanish. And while we’d like to claim that the whole Wonderware Online team has been out taking night classes, that’s not quite the case… instead what we’ve done is package the recommendations from our Spanish speaking customers and distributors and published it for the benefit of all. Gracias, tu ayuda es apreciada.


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