New updates for Wonderware Online InSight and Wonderware SmartGlance 
This week we deployed new updates to the Wonderware Online InSight and Wonderware SmartGlance services. The majority of the enhancements were behind the scenes - think improved performance, reliability and robustness (in readiness for some exciting new features coming soon) - but there are a couple of new things you might want to check out today. What's new in January 2017?
  • Expanded support for Tag Aliases
  • Pan and Zoom for Line Charts
  • Increase tag selection limit

Expanded support for Tag Aliases
Following on from the release a couple of weeks ago which included support for discrete tags (Pareto charts), Wonderware SmartGlance now has extended support for Tag Aliases for both iOS and Android. This means that any tag aliases you create will automatically populate through your system. Data presented in your QuickView and Grid Modes will now be ordered via these shorter, friendlier tag names - no need for you to do anything. This makes it much easier to understand data, and much quicker to make decisions. 2017 2 2_SmartGlance_tag alias2.png
Pan and Zoom for Line Charts
Part of the behind the scenes work is setting up for pan and zoom on your charts. This means you can easily change the time period you're viewing directly in your InSight charts. Zoom into an area of interest to get more details or, pan backwards or forwards from a period of time to see what else is happening. PanZoom2.gif For now pan and zoom is only enabled for Line Charts when displayed on single-axis mode but expect to see this across all of your charts in the next few months.
Increase tag selection limit
We know how much you love the easy tag selection process for charting so we thought why not increase the upper limit? This week's release means you can now select up to 30 tags on any given chart so its easier than ever to get a complete picture of your process. These new updates have already been deployed to the system so look out for them now. And, if you have any feedback or suggestions for future improvements why not contact the team at Did you know that Wonderware Online InSight offers a simple and effective way of taking your SmartGlance mobile data and making it available on any device, anywhere, any time? So you can view your content on mobile, tablet, or even desktop plus have access to more records, additional chart types and intelligent newsfeed. Wonderware Online InSight. Turn your data into insights. It is that simple. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE
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