The world of industrial manufacturing is rapidly evolving, as the data available through smart devices, sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) explodes Industrial organizations across multiple sectors are taking advantage of these capabilities to unlock valuable insights within their data. Unfortunately, hackers are evolving as well, so industrial cybersecurity is critical. The industry has recognized this and is responding to these potential threats – in a recent study done by BDO USA, 92 percent of manufacturers cited cybersecurity concerns in their SEC filings. As manufacturers adapt to both the benefits and threats of the IIoT, it’s critical that they explore solutions that unlock the convenience of the IIoT while ensuring data security.

In this Automation World interview Saadi Kermani explains the value of holistic cybersecurity in a cloud first, mobile first world and the balance between security and ease of use

A Trusted Solution

At Schneider Electric we strive to earn your digital trust in this new hyper-connected world. Wonderware, by Schneider Electric recently launched a brand new TRUST website at This website is dedicated to our customers and our commitment to being transparent with them to quickly learn about our security approaches and best practices that serve as our security foundation supporting our IIoT and SaaS efforts. It has three main components:
  1. Our independently hosted status dashboard showing both the live and historical availability of our web services
  2. The terms and conditions and financially backed service level agreement (SLA) that govern our legal relationship and our commitments to our customers
  3. Our Security Statement that outlines how we uphold the security principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability (a.k.a. the CIA triad) that keep our customer data safe, secure and supported.
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An IIoT Solution You Can Trust

Some of the key security of Wonderware include:
  • Encryption:
    • Wonderware Online InSight uses the most up-to date security standards available.
    • Customer data is encrypted using HTTPS on the industry standard and well-defined Port 443 using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption with secure 2048-bit X.509 certificates
  • Storage:
    • Customer data is stored in a patented multi-tenant architecture that is logically segregated and segmented
    • Storage architecture prevents unauthorized access while protecting the privacy, control and autonomy of each customer’s data.
  • Physical Security:
    • Wonderware Online InSight is deployed across multiple Microsoft Azure data centers
    • Microsoft Azure data centers are world-class facilities with more certifications than any other cloud provider
    • Certifications and compliance achievements include ISO/IEC 22301, 27017, 27018 and ISO/IEC 27001 in addition to SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3
  • Configurable Access
    • Users have complete and granular control over who they choose to allow to have visibility and access to key elements.
    • Users can add, modify and remove users from their account, facilitating a “least privilege” organizational approach to cybersecurity
  • Transparent, Living Platform:
    • The Wonderware team continuously monitors the current security landscape and performs regular updates
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