Auto-Build functionality with Wonderware OI Servers

Wonderware Operations Integration Servers (OI Servers) provide more than just connectivity to a wide variety of industrial control systems.

In the world of manufacturing, process control, and industrial automation, whether you are a system integrator, plant engineer, maintenance technician, or end user, there are a some things that you all share in common: you value time, and for you, time is money. You are very conscious of costs and revenue, while at the same time, you also drive productivity.

You strive to  ensure that you are as efficient as possible, and that you have the tools to help you be more productive. 

We have recognized these needs while developing our next generation of connectivity offerings and with our new Operations Integration Servers we have YOU in mind.

In our latest release of our operations integration servers, we are introducing Auto-Build  

Through Auto-Build, we are leveraging the intelligence built-in with our connectivity strategy to allow you to use OI Servers to actually build projects. With Auto-Build, you can connect directly to PLC controllers and extract all the structure and tags that have already been configured in the controllers and use that information as the baseline for you Application Server project.   

With a simple set of steps and a streamlined selection process, in no time you will actually be on your way to having a structure set for your project, ready to start leveraging the power of Wonderware System Platform.   

Auto-Build helps improve engineering efficiency by reading the structure of PLC programs and automatically builds the Application Server templates and instances, based on the PLC schema.


Auto-Build leads to faster time-to-runtime and better integration between Wonderware System Platform and your PLCs. 



Whether you are an experienced user, or you are just using OI Servers and Application Server for the first time, Auto-Build guides you and sets the stage so that you are successful, efficient and productive.

Wonderware Operations Integration Servers is the Next Generation of Device integration.

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