Wonderware InTouch Omni: the Next Generation of Industrial Operations Management:

  • Innovative next generation offering brings simplicity, flexibility and scope to HMI/SCADA management

  • Multi-site enforcement of standardization and best practices

ORLANDO, Fla. – Oct. 5, 2016 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today offered a preview of its next generation industrial software platform: Wonderware InTouch Omni, built on a framework of Wonderware System Platform and Wonderware InTouch for System Platform.

Beta users and third party application developers are now being actively sought to help usher in a new generation of operations management, built upon Schneider Electric’s success in deploying and managing HMI/SCADA systems.

So dramatic is this next generation product that a new industry descriptive term is warranted – Operations Management Interface, or OMI. 

Innovation is seldom achieved in a straight line. Existing HMI/SCADA platforms have been continuously improved over the past several decades, with a goal of maintaining status quo. Schneider Electric is investing in the next generation of industrial software that will surpass current HMI/SCADA capabilities by empowering users with powerful, easy to use software capable of managing all operations. InTouch Omni operates with legacy HMI/SCADA systems, with the most sophisticated control room hardware, or with popular handheld mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

InTouch Omni traces its origins to years of investment in the underlying ArchestrA industrial operating system technology, which is at the heart of Wonderware System Platform. InTouch Omni originated from this technology platform, and was then significantly enhanced upon with considerable investment over the past several years. Improvements include an improved UI visual experience, expanded web-based access and an enhanced ability to access and aggregate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. The result is a new industrial software solution that leap-frogs traditional HMI/SCADA systems and all current industry offerings.

Top reasons to invest in this new OMI solution – as a developer or as an end user – are to drive better engineering excellence and efficiency and to reduce product lifecycle costs.

Implementing Wonderware InTouch Omni offers the potential to improve upon three key attributes:

  1. Simplicity – Improves the user experience while delivering “out-of-the-box” content and process visualization standards which greatly simplify the task of achieving optimal Situational Awareness of industrial processes
  2. Flexibility – Works with any device, adding modern form factors, smart navigation and displays capable of delivering a superior operations experience
  3. Scope – Third party app support is an integral part of the solution, helping drive further Information and Operations Technology (IT/OT) convergence

If you are interested in participating in this early beta customer experience, or are a developer seeking to help bring in a new level of third party interoperability and integration to HMI/SCADA, please contact your local sales representative, or reach out directly to John Krajewski at John.Krajewski@schneiderelectric.com